Our Values

Our work is to continually supply nutritious food choices which enhance the local food available in our region. Our products provide highly bioavailable nutrients in an affordable, and easy to prepare form.

Dancing Turtle sprouts and microgreens are all grown with organic seed, locally produced soil mixes and fresh, clean well water. We use local and organic ingredients for the dressings whenever possible.

We helping our community to be healthy, keeping money in the community as well.  Its an enjoyable and important task to empower people to be self sufficient in their food production by regularly offering classes on sprouting. Visit our facebook page for the latest class schedule.

In addition to organic methods, we also care for the earth by recycling, reusing, and composting. We use compostable packaging for the sprouts and salads.

When you enjoy Dancing Turtle products, you are treating yourself to health as well as helping to support these values. Thank you!


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