Dancing Turtle currently offers over a dozen types of sprouts and sprout mixes grown to perfection in our licensed kitchen using only clean well water and high quality Organic sprouting seeds.  Custom mixes are also available upon request.


All sprouts begin as the tiny seeds of an edible plant.  The seeds are soaked in water for 4 to 24 hours to rehydrate them and unlock their growing potential.  Next, the soaked seeds are drained and rinsed.  Over the next few (2-12) days the seeds are again rinsed and drained twice daily as their roots emerge .  Next, their first leaves emerge and green as chlorophyll develops  At their peak of growth, they are dehulled and moved to the refrigerator .

Currently Available =

Crunchy Beans-  A mix of Mung Beans and Green and Red Lentils, lightly sprouted and oh-so-crunchy, fresh and packed with protein.  Perfect for snacking, tossing on top of salads, stirfries or soups, grind for patties or burgers, sauté for tacos, very versatile! 

Everything Mix-  One of our most popular varieties an entire salad in each bite!  Originally designed by mixing Everything we had in the kitchen.  This mix includes; Red Clover, Broccoli, Radish, Fenugreek and Garlic. A real crowd pleaser, for salads, sandwiches, and wraps. 

Alfalfa-  High in minerals with a mild taste.  This sprout is fluffy, juicy and recognizable.  A bit thicker than Red Clover, they are easy to handle.  Great piled high on sandwiches and goes well with any dressing or sauce.

Broccoli-  In the news!- this brassica family plant is currently receiving attention for its cancer-fighting properties.  We know all brassicas are good for this!  Try with grated cheese or spread, in wraps, on salads, in spring rolls- they really do taste like broccoli. 

Red Radish- Spicy with a beautiful mix of red, yellow and green foliage. "Hot like a radish."  With the pungent kick of a radish root, the sprouts surprise, delight and stimulate, not to mention relieve mild congestion.  Try in salads, on baked potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches and more.

Red Clover- A mild tasting and frequently used sprout.  Its light texture and flavor make it ideal for sandwiches and wraps or blended into green smoothies.  Best eaten raw to appreciate its mild crunch and juiciness.

Garden Mix- Red Clover, Alfalfa, Radish.   Our most popular bulk sprout.  Both sweet and spicy, with a crunch that feels great in salads of all kinda.  Also a great sprout for deli use when alfalfa is too "plain."

Lentil Mix- Red Clover, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Red and Green Lentils 

Red Mix- Red Radish, Adzuki Bean, Sango Radish



Microgreens start with soaked seeds.  We plant them in organic soil and wait for them to grow just the right amount for optimal nutrition and flavor.

Currently Available =

Sunflower Greens

Pea Shoots

Broccoli Greens

Radish Greens

pictured below: Broccoli sprouts growing in jars (top), Buckwheat microgreens growing in their tray (bottom)

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