Juice Box!

Cold-pressed raw juices, delivered to your door

Weekly deliveries in and around Ithaca

Bringing ease and health into your daily routine

*Functional Food for Thriving Bodies*

Deliveries beginning March 3rd


What will you receive? And Where?
       Each weekly Juice Box contains 5 pints juice of 2-3 varieties, changing weekly, and a frozen pack to keep juices cold.  Receive your Juice Box at home, or work with delivery  in and around Ithaca, each Saturday. 
For example:  Green Blend of Pea shoots, Wheatgrass, Green apple, Lemon.
Sunrise Blend of Beet, Carrot, Orange.

What's great about Cold-pressed Juice?
          Cold pressed juice begins with the mastication of fruits and vegetables into a thick pulp.  This pulp is then put into organic canvas juicing bags and hydraulically pressed under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Nutrients, juice and enzymes are forced out of the pulp fibers under this pressure. Explore the article below for a comparison of cold-pressed versus centrifugal juices.  The cold-pressing process extracts more!  resulting in a higher nutrient profile, clean taste and longer shelf life.

How do I sign up?
            Contact us here:
                         DancingTurtleIthaca@gmail.com   or  740-525-0062
  Or come chat in person at the Saturday Farmer's Market, 1030-2pm.Sign up 

Sign up now for our first 3 week session.  Delivery March 3, 10 and 17.

Check out some of the press we've recieved!  Click on a link below to see the write-ups.