2014/2015 Winter Salad CSA 

This season we offer two different winter salad Community Supported Agriculture shares.  Join now to begin receiving shares November 15th. Support both your health and your local food producers by enjoying these green foods this winter!

November 15- February 28

Enjoy fresh, nutritious, RAW salads throughout the winter months. 


                   Full-share: $330   

                   Two Household-share: $408  

Either way, your share will include...

                   ***  a variety of SPROUTS (~3/4lb.)

                   *** fresh MICROGREENS (~3/4 lb.)

                   *** SALAD GREENS (3-4 Heads lettuce or equivalent tender green)

                   ***  vegan, gluten-free DRESSING  (12oz bottle)

Our Full Share option is meant to feed 2-3 adults with salad through the week.  

Our Two Household Share we offer this year in lieu of the Half Share of year's past.  Find a friend, neighbor, fellow salad eater to split your share.  Take home all the goodies from a Full Share plus 2 bottles of Salad dressing and split or share however you like!

Our Sprouts, Greens and Dressings are all grown and blended fresh each week for our CSA members with

PICK - UPS..... SATURDAYS  at the Ithaca Farmer's Market....

November 15- December 20 at the Ithaca Farmers' Market, Steamboat Landing 10-2pm.

January 10- February 28 at Ithaca Farmers' Market, Greenstar "Space," 700 W. Buffalo St., 11-2pm

**The First Saturday in 2015 we will have a special pickup at the Dancing Turtle Sprout Kitchen, 

685 Snyder Hill Rd., 11-2pm. 

CALL or EMAIL  with questions and for SIGN UP information, 

DancingTurtleIthaca@gmail.com     Ellen at 740-525-0062   




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